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First Podcast Episode Released

In this blog post, I wanted to highlight that my first interview with a professor at A&M has been published on my Spotify account, The Aggie Accountant. In this 40-minute interview, I heard about Mrs. Knoop's experiences in her professional career leading up to her title as CFO of a company and then her transition into teaching and the world of academia. I wanted my podcast to be focused on shedding more light on the world of accounting, as I believe it is a declining profession in terms of the number of people joining. Mrs. Knoop had different viewpoints on the public accounting field's problems and her take on how some of those problems could be resolved. If anyone is interested in hearing from a professional who has seen the accounting world change from pre-SOX and post-SOX, please hop over to my podcast on Spotify and listen to my newest episode! The link to my podcast can be found on my website with the Spotify logo or by using the link

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